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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Neocora Auctions?
There are many auction scripts available in the market, they are costly or does not have these many features. We have included all functions in one good product and named it "Neocora Auctions". Neocora Auctions script is cost effective compared to the other scripts and the list of features in it. Please click here for the list of features, click here to compare the features with other scripts.
Why should I buy Neocora Auctions Script?
Simple, cost effective and you have a lot of features for a single price. We have an active team working on it to add new features and support you promptly.
Can I install this on more than one website or domains?
Yes, if you have purchased license for each domain.
Can I modify the script?
You can modify only the templates to give your website a different look and feel.
How can I add more functions?
You cannot add new functions as the PHP script is encrypted using (Source Guardian), however we have a dedicated team for this to add features for you. You can customize your scripts with the help of this team. Contact us for more details about the charges for the custom work.
How soon you can add a new feature for me?
We can get started immediate as we have a dedicated team. Please email or call us.
How much you charge for adding a new function?
We will give you a quote after checking your requirement.
Can someone call me or can I talk to you over phone?
Yes, please email your number or you can chat with us online or Contact phone number: 1 -510-258-7826 (Time:9 AM-6 PM PST).
What are the payment gateways this script supports?
 Credit Card
 Google Checkout Module
How can we install Neocora Auctions in our website and is it easy to do?
Yes, very easy. It will not take more than 15 minutes to get this running. You can use the web-installer included or we can install this for you free of cost.
I have an existing auction site running, how can I migrate to Neocora Auctions?
We will help you move your data and files to our script for free of cost.
Click here if you still have a question.
Please Click Here if you want to migrate your current auction site to Neocora Auctions. This will include the setup, configuration, existing data transfer and testing.
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